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self compassion: an introduction

Hello everyone!  Today, I want to talk about self-compassion. Usually, we tend to show compassion more towards others and not ourselves. Our inner critical voice doesn’t allow this. But, this can be changeable. It is found that showing self-compassion towards ourselves as well as doing compassion meditations help us to soften our inner critical voice into a softer, loving, nurturing one. So, how we can achieve this? I will be sharing some tips on practicing self-compassion in everyday life.  Just want to say that self-compassion doesn't mean belittling yourself nor being selfish. It simply means that still showing yourself compassion even if you just woke up and made your bed that day. It means turning the inner critical voice into a more compassionate one.  Individuals who are more self-compassionate have greater happiness, overall satisfaction with life, motivation in life, better relationships with others, overall good health. They also have more ''resilience'' t

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