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Bookshelf Organizing 101

Hello peeps! I’m coming at you with a different kind of post. It’s about... BOOKSHELF ORGANISING! 101! This is a freshman lesson! Life tips and hacks! Hashtag adulting 101. Kind of.
Here, this evening, I’m going to be giving you tips about organizing your books according to their colours, to give your bookshelf more aesthetically pleasing look. This is my way personally, but I find it  organizing them according to their genre, their authors, alphabetical order is also A GREAT WAY TO DO! 
Which way you decide to do, the first step you’ll have to do is, to lay all your books on the floor. Start categorising them into which order you would like to put them in. The next step is deciding on which shelf you’ll place them in. I have about 10 medium sized shelves , that fit approximately 8-10 books. If you have much bigger shelves then that’s amazing! 
It’s up to you to place your books in which shelves you would like! You will totally rock your ''bookshelf'' style. :)
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