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rejection and dreams

Hello hello hello!

This is yet another post that I didn't plan beforehand. And I have no slightest idea of how this will turn out but LETS FREAKING GO! Adventures are fun, aren't they?

When I saw my favorite musical at West End, I sat there speechless for awhile. I was trying to comprehend the whole situation but it was damn HARD I'm telling you.

I lost it when I heard '' Defying Gravity'' live.

I lost it when I heard ''Popular''.
I remember going to loo during interval and thinking to myself that '' IS THIS EVEN REAL. ''

I love musicals, if you haven't noticed.

I grew up with theatre. My first ever stage experience was when I was 9. I had this long monologue. Can you believe it?
I took stage in one of the most eminent stages in my country.
I always tell this to myself whenever I doubt myself.
I travelled to UK alone when I was 16.

No no I'm not joking. But I have fear of taking the tube.
And that perhaps makes you th…

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