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mindful SNACK

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is okay!    I'm coming at you with another Mindfulness post! I really love this SNACK practice so much. It helps me to stay grounded throughout the day. But one thing is that it makes me hungry. Well, that's not the case here! :) SNACK is a practice that helps you remember to stay calm during anxious moments in your daily life and activities!    Stop. The first step is to stop what you are doing at the moment. Whether typing out a mail, listening to something, stop it for a moment.   Notice. Notice what’s happening. Notice your feelings, your thoughts, and the action you were doing a moment ago. Notice your surroundings. What items can you see on your desk? What can you hear in this moment or smell? Do you smell your coffee on your desk or are you hearing the traffic outside your window now? Accept. Accept what is happening in this particular moment. Notice how you are feeling, is your body relaxed or tense? Accept any thoughts you are having too. Tr

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